48-Hour Bearing Turnaround Saves Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds in Pump Downtime!

Pump BearingsExalto UK received an urgent enquiry for bearings, the week before Christmas, a busy time for us as a team as we try and get everything out the door for our customers prior to the year end.

Flowserve Newcastle needed 2 bearings quickly for their customer who was due to launch a new pump in a chemical plant a few days after Christmas.

Thanks to a massive team effort involving all teams at Exalto, from our apprentice, operatives and engineers, to quality, production, despatch, Business Manager and even our Managing Director, we managed to get the bearings turned around in the required time, without affecting our other customer orders.

Mike Cosgrove comments “It really was an example of Exalto at our best, a fantastic team effort during a busy time ensured we did not let Flowserve, nor any of our other customers, down. We appreciate that in our business a pump out of action, or a boat stuck in dry dock, can be horrendously costly for our customers and will always do everything we possibly can to help them, especially in situations like this”

Andy Hogg, Project Manager at Flowserve Newcastle commented “without Exalto’s prompt response to my email and the fast turnaround on the bearings once we placed the purchase order with them, we would not have been able to install the pump on-time, costing our customer Huntsman Polymers, hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost production/downtime.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Exalto, they really pulled together to produce the bearings for us against the clock and only a few days before Christmas… Exalto’s contact details have been passed onto our other plants in EMA (Europe, M East & Africa) and I have no doubt they will be ordering from Exalto again soon”

If you ever need bearings urgently, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team or our Business Manager, Mike Cosgrove, directly… we will always do our very best to help you

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