Exalto & GRAPHALLOY have your Water Industry Bearings Covered!

water bearingsThe annual Pump Centre Exhibition held every year in Telford, UK, attracts over 1000 attendees across industries. Exalto UK is a regular exhibitor and this year will showcase our portfolio of products selling well across the Water Industry. Prior to our purchase by Graphite Metallizing in 2016, our WRAS-approved material AquaPure was our focus, selling brilliantly across the drinking water industry for use as a self-lubricating bearing material. With the addition of Graphalloy, we now have a wider portfolio to offer the water industry as a whole

“The addition of Graphalloy is another string to our bow and gives us unique products to support both the Wastewater as well as Drinking Water industries” comments Mike Cosgrove, Exalto’s Business Manager

Our AquaPure bearings, developed in response to a customer request for drinking-water approved composite, have been approved by the UK’s Water Regulations Advisory Scheme since 2012. A tough, non-metallic material, AquaPure is perfect for direct contact with ambient temperature drinking water being free from asbestos, silica, glass, carbon or cotton fibre. Self-lubricating, it will run dry on start-up and operates submerged with negligible swell (less than 0.1%). AquaPure’s customer base is growing every year as the industry becomes aware of the composites superior qualities and performance. While AquaPure is approved for applications up to 23°c, Graphalloy also has a WRAS-approved material (currently undergoing re-testing for its next 5-year approval) for applications up to 85°c.

For the Wastewater Industry, Graphalloy has been proving to be a perfect solution for the toughest of environments – hot, cold, wet or dry, Graphalloy thrives where other bearing materials fail – it will keep running reducing downtime and providing maintenance-free operation. It will not swell when submerged, is entirely self-lubricating requiring no grease or oil, runs dry coping with frequent stop/starts with ease and is corrosion and chemical resistant, compatible with most industrial liquids. With over 100 grades available Graphalloy has applications across wastewater treatment.

Are you attending the Pump Centre Exhibition? Visit Dennis and Eben at Stand F2 for a chat about what we can offer you

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