Exalto Welcomes New Marine Thruster Partnership

2017 has seen the growth of an exciting new partnership for Exalto UK. We were approached earlier this year by new Marine customer, Tees White Gill, who were interested in our bearing manufacture services for the bespoke creation of large flanged brass bearings for use in their marine thrusters.

Although used to supplying cutlass bearings for stern gear the world over, it is usually the Pump side of our business, and not the Marine, which calls for us to manufacture large bespoke flanged bearings. So it was with great interest we produced our first bearing for their marine thrusters.

White Gill have been designing and manufacturing marine thrusters since 1922 following the production of the very first thruster for inland waterway use. Their first ‘deep sea’ marine thruster came in 1966 and have since been used across a variety of ship board installations, demonstrating many unique advantages over tunnel type and retractable thrusters. With 360-degree thrust, they are fully enclosed within the hull eliminating the risk of grounding the thruster or damaging cables/equipment. The units can also act as an emergency propulsion system should the main propulsion fail for any reason, and similarly be used to provide a braking effect against the main propulsion if the vessel is coming in too quickly.

Our Business Manager Mark, comments “as I spent some time getting to know this new customer, their requirements and how best we could help them, I quickly realised that Tees Components Ltd, were a fully equipped engineering subcontract facility that may be of help to us in our own business…. After chatting with GM Sharon Lane, we quickly came to see how the relationship could be mutually beneficial for both of us”


Sharon comments “Exalto bearings are used as a steady bearing on the rotor shaft in our TS3 and HJP models – they are a new supplier and we have been very happy with both the quality of the bearings they provide as well as the service we’ve received from Mark and his team. The work we do for Exalto is a real bonus too! When their own machine shop is at capacity we can support with applications such as pre-machining, drilling and finish turning which can take the pressure off during busy times”

“Our success so far this year is unprecedented with the order book the highest it’s ever been” Mark adds, “so having another quality and reliable subcontractor who can turn things around quickly for us has proved very advantageous and we’ve forged a close working relationship.

At Exalto we are always happy to talk to customers who might be able to offer a service to us, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a chat”

Contact Mike Cosgrove, Business Manager, mike@exalto.co.uk

For Tees White Gill Thrusters visit www.teesgillthrusters.com or contact sales@teesgillthrusters.com

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