Steep Learning Curve Benefits Exalto & New Pump Customer

pinnacle re-tecExalto welcomed a brand new customer in 2017; we were delighted to receive an enquiry for a UNS 2205 flanged bearing from Pinnacle Re-Tec, a leading UK Reverse Engineering and Pump Service Company.  Pinnacle represent companies from industries new to Exalto and it became quickly clear that a different approach was going to be required if our business relationship was to succeed.

“To be perfectly honest, we were off to a tricky start working with Pinnacle”, admits business manager Mike Cosgrove, “the parts they required were especially intricate and required very specific, and not necessarily traditional, machining methods to suit their customers’ requirements… in some cases it required the adaptation and modification of our tooling as well as new techniques for our engineers to adapt to”

Pinnacle RE-Tec Ltd specialise in reverse engineering and the manufacture of rotating equipment spares, obsolete parts, upgraded parts as well as complete pump service and rehabilitation. With over 30 years’ experience and know-how in the reverse engineering sector, Pinnacle provide an alternative to the OEM for sourcing spare parts to companies all over the world.

“At the time this was a stressful process as we got to grips with working in a different way, but I think it was a fantastic learning process for Exalto and challenged our engineers to think differently about what we do day to day” continues Mark

“It was a real team effort … from our plant engineer who carried out the required alterations to the drawings for our tooling, to our Apprentice who we involved in the modification of the tooling itself – we all learnt something from the experience.

Pinnacle were excellent with us and I personally visited their site to deliver bearing replacements, inspect them alongside the team there and offer advice as and when required.”

Pinnacle Re-Tec MD, Toby Heintz, comments “it wasn’t plain sailing to begin with as our two companies had to adapt to different ways of working,  but it is a true testament to both that we emerged from a very challenging process with an excellent working relationship”

“It’s how I work at Exalto, when things are difficult I work to solve them rather than walk away”, says Mark “I am always happy to talk any issues through and where required, adapt to new ways of working to suit new applications of our bearings”

“Exalto had little experience in the Power Generation industry and the specifics of their requirements but they listened to our concerns and we were impressed by how hard they worked to satisfy our customer… The end product was a top quality 265mm diameter flanged bearing to the exact specifications required by the end user” comments Tobias, “we look forward to doing more business with them in the future”.

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