WRAS Re-approves AquaPure for Drinking Water

maritex aquapure Exalto exhibited at Seawork Southampton again this year and our display of Maritex bearings once again attracted a lot of attention from visitors keen to understand the composite, the different grades available for different applications and their properties and benefits.

Exalto supplies, in large part, Aquarius and AquaPure to the marine and pump industries, although there are over 6 grades available depending on the application you require

Aquarius was developed specifically for the marine industry and provides a composite cutlass bearing replacement for situations when a rubber-lined bearing does not last due to operating conditions. For example, in silty water where the abrasive particles cause rapid wear on the rubber as well as the shaft itself leading to noise and vibration. In our experience after even years of use, Aquarius demonstrates insignificant wear on either bearing or shaft in these conditions. With a surface chemistry designed to resist marine growth, the material is also appropriate for low speed, high load applications making it a popular alternative for vessels to the traditional cutlass bearing.

For the pump industry, we’ve been supplying AquaPure for drinking water applications to some of the industry’s biggest players since gaining WRAS approval in 2012. It is not only often significantly cheaper than its nearest rivals, it doesn’t compromise on performance.   However leading pump manufacturers are now seeing the potential of the material outside of the drinking water industry and it is increasingly being used for other applications such as offshore in hydrodynamic seawater-lubricated bearings for lift pumps, conveyor bearings in bottling plants and in throttle bushes for centrifugal pumps. Most recently flanged AquaPure bearings were supplied for wicket gates within the axial flow turbines running as part of a water treatment plant, thanks both to their WRAS approval as well as their ability to support low speed manoeuvres.

Maritex is a fibre-wound composite that boasts impressive lubricity without delamination or the frustrating creep seen by other compounds.  It offers practically zero moisture absorption, good compressive strength and chemical resistance coupled with excellent low start and dynamic friction.

Its impressive performance coupled with its comparatively low-price tag means AquaPure has become our best-selling composite option for the pump industry

Want to talk to us about Maritex and the grades available for your given application? Contact us on sales@exalto.co.uk


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