Special Bearings

World reknowned for special size and special profile bearings

Special Bearings

In addition to the standard range of bearings, Exalto has become known worldwide for the manufacture of special size and special profile bearings.

Special Flute Shapes

We can accommodate non-standards flute shapes and patterns such as helical flutes and annular grooves in either left or right hand spiral along with plain bore seals.

Special Profile Shells

The same level of engineering is used to machine “special” profile shells with grooves, chamfers, keyways, flanges or externally cut screw threads. We can manufacture your bearings to specification from drawing. Currently the largest size we can offer is 900mm long with an ID of 270 mm and an OD of 320 mm.

Re-line Service

If bearings are still in a good condition externally and are not damaged or distorted, we can offer a re-lining service. This is a less expensive and – often more important – a faster option than manufacturing a complete new bearing. We remove the old rubber lining from the existing bearing and cleanse the shell internally to allow for vulcanisation of the new lining to the surface of the metal. We then re-mould the bearing, trim it on both ends and re-grind to the correct clearances required by our customer to suit the rotating shaft diameter.

Flange Bearings

Where required for securing into a housing, flange bearings can be manufactured to specification.

Integrally Cast

Bearings can be supplied from tube or casting with the flange and body and flange integral.

Welding (Dye Penetrant Testing can be carried out)

The body and flange are machined separately allowing for weld preparations and then welded together. This is mainly done on bearings where the flange diameter is a lot bigger than the body diameter and is done to help reduce the cost of unnecessary materials. Dye Penetrant testing can be supplied for welded flanges if required.


These are supplied from 2 different components where the body of the bearing and the inside diameter are screw cut with the same thread so they can mate together. The flanges are normally fastened together with Loctite and grub screwed to prevent them from coming apart.

  • EPDM Rubber Specification Sheet (PDF) Download
  • Nitrile Rubber Specification Sheet (PDF) Download
  • Viton Rubber Specification Sheet (PDF) Download
  • WRAS AquaPure DataSheet (PDF) Download
  • Compound Selection Guide for Pumps (PDF) Download

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