Accreditation and Quality

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Accreditation and Quality



Exalto UK is ISO9001:2008 accredited meaning we adhere to international standards in structure, content and implementation of our quality management system.

All bearings are tested to the highest standards in-house. We have a full time quality technician whose responsibility it is to check all outgoing orders in terms of machining quality, size within tolerance and presentation. We have international pump customers that have been working with us 18 years which is testament to the quality of the products we supply.

IDEA Heavy Equipment

IDEA heavy equipment

We have always been committed to producing the best quality bearings possible and in 2008 invested in an audit from independent consulting firm, IDEA Heavy Equipment. Tests to investigate and develop our bearings in terms of performance and reliability found them hard to improve upon.

The current Exalto bearing design can be seen as a benchmark… The recommendation is to design a bearing with the same profile as the current Exalto bearing. It is really hard to improve these bearings

IDEA Heavy Equipment

  • Cutlass Bearing Tolerances (PDF) Download
  • Standard Bearing Stock Range (PDF) Download
  • EPDM Rubber Specification Sheet (PDF) Download
  • Nitrile Rubber Specification Sheet (PDF) Download
  • Maritex AquaPure Safety Data Sheet (PDF) Download
  • Viton Rubber Specification Sheet (PDF) Download

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