Standard Cutless Bearing Range

In a range of sizes, shells & flute designs

Standard Cutless Bearing Range

We can manufacture bearings to suit your size specifications using a variety of shell materials, shell linings and flute designs.

Shell Materials

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Brass is supplied as standard and is structurally the strongest material but is not appropriate for steel or aluminium stern tubes.  Naval Brass can be supplied on request.


A lightweight paper wound Phenolic resin shell avoids the problem of galvanic corrosion and is suitable for metal stern tubes. These bearings do not possess the structural stability of metals and have a shorter operational life. They swell slightly when immersed in water and are therefore machined to tolerances to accommodate this.


GRP, fibre-glass composite, is an excellent alternative to Brass for aluminium or steel stern tubes and has very little hydroscopic absorption. It is more stable than Phenolic and is easy to remove from the bracket or shaft.

Lining & Flutes

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Our Brass, GRP and Phenolic bearings are lined with Nitrile Rubber giving the bearing a high resistance to abrasion, oil and solvents while providing effective noise and vibration insulation. The rubber lining is specially fluted to optimise water lubrication throughout the bearing and can be machined to accommodate straight flutes or helical, left or right hand, usually termed spiral bearings.

All Rubber


All-rubber flanged bearings can also be supplied. These come without an outer ‘hard’ shell and are commonly used in French boats such as Jeanneau and Beneteau which have a different bearing assembly procedure.

  • Cutlass Bearing Tolerances (PDF) Download
  • Standard Bearing Stock Range (PDF) Download
  • EPDM Rubber Specification Sheet (PDF) Download
  • Nitrile Rubber Specification Sheet (PDF) Download
  • Maritex AquaPure Safety Data Sheet (PDF) Download
  • Viton Rubber Specification Sheet (PDF) Download

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