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Maritex Bearings

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These are just SOME of the features of the composite materials Exalto UK can offer you. Talk to us about your application and we will recommend the best option for you:

GRAPHALLOY® – For Pump Applications

As part of the Graphite Metallizing Group, Exalto can now offer GRAPHALLOY as part of its bearing portfolio. GMC is a long-established American company who specialise in the manufacture of bearings and industrial products using their patented Graphalloy® material – a unique graphite/metal alloy which is used the world over to solve the toughest bearing problems.

What makes it superior?

  • Self-Lubrication – it can handle low lubricity fluids such as light hydrocarbons, liquefied gases and hot water in which metallic bearings can wear excessively
  • Dry Running – survives dry starts, flashing and loss of suction for prolonged periods without damage
  • Extreme Temperatures – continues to perform in applications at cryogenic temperatures to -450°F without becoming brittle or seizing, up to 1000°F+, well above the limits of plastic, surviving thermal shock
  • Wet – self-lubricating so there is no additional lubricant to wash away, it resists attack by most corrosive liquids such as Sulfuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Chlorine Water and caustics
  • Non-Galling – Survives high speed contact that would gall metal parts – it permits closer running clearances between rotating parts resulting in lower shaft vibration
  • Improved Efficiencies – Allows closer running clearances which can provide higher pump efficiencies through reduced vibration
  • Dimensionally Stable – Maintains dimensional stability when submerged, under load and over wide temperature ranges providing a constant running clearance

MARITEX – For Marine or Pump Applications

Maritex is a composite bearing material made of a unique blend of fibre, resin and lubricants. It is little-known but growing in popularity every year, attracting attention due to its superior performance and vast applications across industries.

Why is Maritex superior?

  • Runs Dry – thanks to its unique composition it is self-lubricating
  • Resists marine growth thanks to its surface chemistry
  • Operates at low and high temperatures – it is used by military vessels as a bearing as it simply won’t fail, even under extreme heat
  • Pressure moulded & fibre reinforced and not fibre wound – so will not delaminate
  • Superior strength and lubricity means it will not creep
  • Operates effectively for high load, low speed applications
  • Lloyds or WRAS approved grades available

Available in many different grades, we can always recommend the best solution for your given application – whether that be something very specific such as the requirements of US Navy Submarines, or a basic marine application where rubber-lined bearings do not last due to operating conditions such as silty water.

Talk to us today about Maritex and how it can help you.

  • Cutlass Bearing Tolerances (PDF) Download
  • Standard Bearing Stock Range (PDF) Download
  • EPDM Rubber Specification Sheet (PDF) Download
  • Nitrile Rubber Specification Sheet (PDF) Download
  • Maritex AquaPure Safety Data Sheet (PDF) Download
  • Viton Rubber Specification Sheet (PDF) Download

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