Rudder Bearings

Rudder Bearings made from Maritex

Rudder Bearings

Exalto UK can also supply Rudder Bearings made from our composite material, Maritex.

Composite rudder bearings are appropriate for low speed, high load applications, deliver low wear rates on bearing and shaft and are self-lubricating and therefore appropriate for running dry. Maritex has been dry run tested for over 1000 hours and showed no visible or measurable wear to either shaft or bearing (dry run test up to 20mpa). Maritex bearings are normally bedded in with epoxy and are hence easily fitted without tools. We have supplied Maritex Rudder Bearings for everything , from superyachts to 30’ cruisers.

We can accommodate any size request from 20mm to over 500mm inside diameter.

  • Cutlass Bearing Tolerances (PDF) Download
  • Standard Bearing Stock Range (PDF) Download
  • EPDM Rubber Specification Sheet (PDF) Download
  • Nitrile Rubber Specification Sheet (PDF) Download
  • Maritex AquaPure Safety Data Sheet (PDF) Download
  • Viton Rubber Specification Sheet (PDF) Download

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